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Mech-Mind Value Provider

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Cooperation Process

  • 01 / Fill in Your Requirements

    Please fill out the form below to let us know more about your requirements.

  • 02 / Project Negotiation

    We have showrooms in both Beijing and Shanghai. You are warmly welcome to visit us.
    Our sales engineer can also visit you for further cooperation discussion.

  • 03 / Solution Design and Contract Signing

    We will sort out your specific needs, design a tailor-made project plan for you, complete the feasibility demonstration, and then sign a cooperation agreement.

  • 04 / Project Execution and After-sales

    We will assist you to finish the vision system setup and offer systematic training accordingly.
    To ensure project stability, we will provide 7*12 hours of remote support.

  • 05 / Application Promotion

    We would love to promote your successful applications in your industry for you to obtain more potential projects.

  • 06 / Diversified Cooperation Models

    We could also carry out diversified cooperation with you, such as building your own showroom, co-exhibition, and in-depth cooperation framework agreements, etc.


Hope to become a Value Provider of Mech-Mind Robotics

You can call 0086-21-69513886 directly, or send an email to info@mech-mind.net

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