In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.

Ultimate Guide to Intelligent Bin Picking


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What Is Intelligent Bin Picking?

Core Advantages of Intelligent Robotic Bin Picking


In the globalized marketplace of the modern era, every business needs to find its competitive edge. Time and materials are increasingly expensive, and as new technologies enter the marketplace, the competitive gap between early adopters and those who are unable to innovate will only continue to grow. Many businesses have already turned to lean manufacturing principles, due to their track record as prudent and efficient ways to both reduce waste and improve manufacturing processes. In this guide, we'll be focusing on intelligent bin picking, and explore how this resource has become a proven method to make your manufacturing processes leaner.

So, when should you consider intelligent bin picking? If your manufacturing process currently relies on human identification and interaction with assembly line components, and you need to cut production costs while increasing efficiency, intelligent bin picking should be top of mind. It is highly successful at both reducing errors in your production line as well as helping your team to achieve higher throughput and productivity. Additionally, due to our path planning technology and 3D computer vision, intelligent bin picking results in reduced waste a lot.

What Is Intelligent Bin Picking?

In manufacturing, some degree of random scatter is nearly unavoidable. Parts tumble or shift, and in the past, it has been more efficient to utilize human workers to feed the output from one process into the next. In the now outdated case of traditional bin picking, human intervention is always required, which is both time-consuming and hazardous to the worker. By removing the necessity of close interaction between line workers and heavy machinery, we can dramatically reduce the risk of injury and increase the productivity of the line overall. This is where intelligent bin picking comes into play.

In our efforts to continuously improve productivity and reduce waste, Mech-Mind Robotics paired industrial robots with several cutting edge algorithms, ensuring the robots can quickly identify, locate, and interact with various objects randomly piled in deep bins, and then place them in the correct orientation. No human interaction is required during the entire process, and intelligent bin picking produces superior results to human labor: it is error-free.

Core Advantages of Intelligent Bin Picking

Powerful 3D Vision Algorithms

Guided along by our powerful3D vision system, the industrial robots can recognize randomly-piled materials, even those with dark or reflective surfaces and complex structures, and then pick them up from deep bins accurately without damaging the components. Capable of accurately identifying and then carefully extracting parts that may be prone to binding up removes the need for human intervention.

Greater Flexibility

Aiming to enhance efficiency while reducing errors in production, Mech-Mind enables the bin-picking robots to avoid collisions while moving through an active work environment by utilizing cutting-edge path planning algorithms. This reduces the risk of damaging both your components and the machines themselves, preventing costly downtime and material waste. The added flexibility of our robust computer vision and path planning algorithm allows for more seamless production as well, quickly moving even heavy parts with the precision that traditional methods struggle to produce.

Lower Operation Costs and Higher Productivity

Intelligent bin picking is vastly superior in regards to consistency and efficiency. They are able to work 24 hours a day for months at a time and operate safely and without interruption or any requirement for human interaction. Ultimately, this allows you and your team to realize a substantial boost in productivity while also drastically reducing labor costs.


Higher productivity and lower operating costs are always the pursuits of every manufacturer, and intelligent bin picking has already been widely adopted throughout the industry, with proven results. Through our expertise in the field, Mech-Mind Robotics has and will continue to pioneer 3D vision and deep learning technology. Take advantage of our constant dedication to innovating robust and efficient intelligent robot solutions.

The unstoppable trend of Industry 4.0 shows that there is an urgent necessity for any manufacturer hoping to maintain market share to leverage lean principles of efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing. We here at Mech-Mind are excited to offer future-conscious solutions for your business, keeping you ahead of the curve in our increasingly demanding industry.

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