In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.

Bin Picking

Guided by Mech-Mind 3D vision system, robots can recognize randomly-piled materials, even those with dark or reflective surfaces and complex structures, and then pick them up from deep bins accurately without damaging the components. 

Core Advantages



Support objects in different sizes and shapes (including randomly stacked tiny objects, complex-structured metal parts with dark or shiny surfaces, etc.)

Robot Brands

Support almost all major-brand robots



Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras

  • Mech-Eye PRO M

    - High accuracy

    - Extended FOV

    - Detail-rich 3D point cloud images

    - Rapid image acquisition

    - Designed for medium-range robotic applications


  • Mech-Eye LSR L

    - Large FOV

    - Ambient light resistance

    - Robust interreflection suppression

    - Ideal for robotic guidance

Highly Accurate 3D Point Clouds

    Reflective auto seat side panels
    Reflective auto seat side panels
    Track links
    Track links



  • 3D Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Track Links

  • 3D Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Overlapping Brake Flanges

  • Mech-Mind Robotics AI+3D Solutions in Manufacturing Industry

  • 3D Vision-Guided Randomly-Located Small Parts Bin Picking

Work with Your Robots

  • ABB
  • KUKA
  • Kawasaki
  • GREE
  • Peitian
  • QJAR
  • HAN
  • JAKA
  • 艾利特
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Popular FAQs for Bin Picking

Q1: What is bin picking?

Bin picking is the name of the technique that is being used by a robot to grab objects that are randomly placed inside a bin/box. Bin picking is common to see in loading / unloading objects scenarios.

Q2: How does an industrial 3D camera ease the bin picking process?

Picking parts, raw materials, or SKUs from a deep bin requires robots to work with high accuracy, stability, and flexibility. While accuracy is one of the core enablers of stable picking, it's also where industrial 3D cameras come to help. To be precise, industrial 3D cameras are the 'eyes' of robots. Robots equipped with the industrial 3D camera are able to capture and collect 3D data of target objects (x, y, and z-axis of objects). These 3D data will be processed into depth information (position, orientation, and location) to guide robots to pick objects accurately, quickly, and stably.

Q3: What are the typical applications for bin picking?

Machine tending (loading), palletizing (mixed palletizing) & depalletizing, assembly, automated piece picking, etc., are all the typical applications for bin picking. Industrial operations involving picking objects from a box / a bin (during processing, production, delivery, etc.) are all the applications of bin picking.


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