In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.
Large air conditioner factory

3D Vision-Guided Compressor Loading

Customer Demand

China is an air conditioning production country. Compressor is a core part of air conditioning, and each air conditioning is equipped with a compressor, so all major air conditioning manufacturers in China have a very large demand for compressor assembly. 

Compressors are bottle-shaped and black with considerably reflective surfaces. Compressor sizes vary depending on the air conditioning model. The smallest compressor weighs more than 20 kg, and manual handling and assembly can only be done with the help of equipment, resulting in low efficiency. 

So the client expects robots to recognize and pick tightly-packed compressors, then recognize the position to be assembled and assemble the compressor on the bottom plate of air conditioning outdoor unit as required. Because traditional robotic automation solutions do not recognize black parts with considerably reflective surfaces, robots are less efficient and less stable when picking.


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