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In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.

Mech-Mind Raises over 100 Million RMB Series B Funding from Sequoia Capital China


Mech-Mind Robotics Technologies Ltd officially announced that it has raised over 100 million RMB series B funding from Sequoia Capital China. Miracle Capital serves as the exclusive financial consultant. This round of funding will help to enhance R&D and improve the capacity to serve global customers. 

Mech-Mind focuses on putting intelligence into industrial robots. It has had a complete ‘AI+Industrial robot’ core competencies. Specifically, it includes 3D cameras, vision AI algorithm, motion planning, and other software. Mech-Mind has helped many customers in the manufacture, logistics, etc, deploy the intelligent industrial solution. It has widely applied in depalletizing and palletizing, machine tending, bin picking, assembly, locating, gluing, etc scenarios. Currently, Mech-Mind is going to take the strategy to expand the solutions to a large-scale. 

Keeping concentration, open-mind, and reciprocity, Mech-Mind starts to share technologies with integrators, end-users,and AGV partners. 

 Mech-Mind raises over 100 million RMB series B funding from Sequoia Capital China.

Mech-Mind has raised funding from Qiming Venture and Intel Capital in 2019. Besides, it has raised funding from Delian Capital and Galileo Venture before. 


Visualize, code-less programming interface

Users can control the robot without any code programming.


Mech-Eye Enhanced 3D camera can output high-quality RGB-D images suitable for various industry and academic research scenarios. 


Vision-guided Picking Multiple SKUs 



Mech-Mind was the largest company from the mainland of China partcipating in iREX of 2019.

In 2019, Mech-Mind has provided solutions for from 7 countries over 100 clients, which mainly manufacture and logistics industries. Many of clients are leading companies in automobile, home appliances, warehouses, express delivery, steel and mechanical. There are over 150 employees. The head office of Mech-Mind base in Beijing and Shanghai, and there are branches in Munich, Germany, also, there will be a new branch in Japan. 

Mech-Mind will keep concentrating on AI+industrial robot technologies, improving capacity and provide better products and services for our global customers. 

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