In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.

Mech-Mind Shines at ITAP 2023, Singapore with Groundbreaking AI + 3D Vision Applications


Singapore, October 21, 2023: Mech-Mind Robotics, a leader in AI and 3D vision, took the stage at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2023, a HANNOVER MESSE event, where it unveiled two cutting-edge demonstrations: 3D vision-guided piece picking and 3D vision-guided random picking of round parts.

Mech-Mind Shines at ITAP 2023, Singapore with Groundbreaking AI + 3D Vision Applications

Mech-Mind at ITAP 2023


Automated Piece Picking for Smart Warehouse Automation


Mech-Mind showcased its cutting-edge 3D vision technology using the Mech-Eye PRO M industrial 3D camera for precise and efficient piece picking. Mech-Mind piece picking application demonstrates its capability to handle an extensive range of SKUs, including multicolored boxes, glossy packaging, transparent or irregular-shaped items, and shiny or dark materials, without pre-registration. This versatile application has been applied across various industries, including grocery, health and beauty, e-commerce, and apparel.

Mech-Mind Shines at ITAP 2023, Singapore with Groundbreaking AI + 3D Vision Applications3D vision-guided piece picking


Efficient Handling of Round Parts with 3D Vision


In the second demonstration, Mech-Mind highlighted the use of Mech-Eye PRO S for 3D vision-guided random picking of reflective round parts. Empowered by advanced motion planning and collision detection algorithms, this application demonstrates Mech-Mind's capability to effortlessly handle and place reflective metal parts in manufacturing processes.

Mech-Mind Shines at ITAP 2023, Singapore with Groundbreaking AI + 3D Vision Applications3D vision-guided random picking of round parts


Advanced AI + 3D Vision Tools


Beyond the highlighted demonstrations, Mech-Mind introduced a lineup of flagship industrial 3D cameras, showcasing their exceptional point cloud capabilities. The Mech-Eye LSR L, tailored for demanding robotic guidance applications, stands out with robust ambient light resistance and remarkable accuracy over long-range working distances. Furthermore, Mech-Mind unveiled its new-generation 3D laser profilers, the Mech-Eye LNX-8000 series, designed for inline inspection applications in automotive, EV battery production, and more.

Mech-Mind Shines at ITAP 2023, Singapore with Groundbreaking AI + 3D Vision Applications

Highly accurate 3D point clouds obtained by Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras


Continued Innovation


The lively participation and keen interest shown by attendees emphasize Mech-Mind's dedication to advancing technology and shaping new standards in industrial automation. The positive feedback received at the exhibition motivates Mech-Mind to continually push the boundaries in the dynamic field of intelligent robotics. The suite of 3D vision tools and services offered by Mech-Mind aims to empower global partners and integrators in tackling complex tasks across various industries.


Watch the video to get more insights into Mech-Mind's showcase at ITAP 2023.


About Mech-Mind Robotics


Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind has rapidly emerged as a pioneering force in intelligent robotics. Mech-Mind offers a comprehensive product portfolio integrating cutting-edge technologies, including 3D vision, deep learning, and advanced AI. Trusted in the most demanding applications, Mech-Mind has deployed 10,000+ industrial 3D cameras for 1,500+ worldwide customers across industries.


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About ITAP


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