In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.



Visit us in Munich and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.


About automatica

As the world's leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics, automatica offers the world's largest range of industrial and service robotics, assembly solutions, and image processing systems and components.

It combines all key technologies at the international technology location Munich and brings together industry and research across sectors for a constructive and future-oriented exchange.


automatic insights into global developments, topics, innovations, and solutions and provides the necessary orientation and investment security in a time of upheaval.

So that the vision of automated to autonomous production gradually becomes a reality.


Mech-Mind application highlights

· Bin Picking

· Whether it's a classic reach pick out of a box with sorted parts or random bin picking with chaotic and heterogeneous parts - Mech-Mind Robotics enables any type of bin picking controlled by machine vision.


· Pick & Place

· The precise detection of objects of different sizes, shapes, and surface structures in combination with intelligent algorithms such as path planning and collision detection - with this Mech-Mind Robotics enables precise removal of objects and safe depositing at the desired destination.

· Palletizing & Depalletizing

· Intelligent robotic palletizing and depalletizing supported by the latest technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) - Mech-Mind Robotics offers complete, cost-efficient, and easy-to-implement robotic solutions for palletizing and depalletizing. Fully automated. Safe loading and unloading of cartons and sacks of various sizes and shapes by robots. Intelligent sorting and structured loading with optimal use of space, even for pallets with mixed packaging.

· Localization & Assembly/Bonding

· Image recognition with high-resolution 3D point clouds and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) - Mech-Mind Robotics enables fully automated assembly processes, such as those required in the automotive, household appliance, and furniture industries.

· The cost-efficient all-in-one solutions can be implemented quickly and easily in almost all robotic applications. Executing reliable assembly, screwing, and bonding of complex components - regardless of their size or material variety. Even line connections can be made with the highest precision.


· Workstations

· Mech-Eye 3D cameras, precise and high-resolution 3D sensors, and the point clouds - the 3D images as the basis. Mech-Mind Robotics thus enables the recognition and simulation of a three-dimensional object.

· We demonstrate the performance of our Mech-Eye 3D cameras at the workstations: Pro S, UHP, and Laser L: Complex structures and reflective surfaces are detected, the use of Mech-Eye Laser L significantly reduces possible interference from ambient light, and the camera can provide high-precision images with a wide field of view. Bring an item with you and take the opportunity to test our cameras.

· Virtual Reality

· Over 1,000 implemented applications worldwide. Walk around in a virtual space and get a glimpse of a simulated bin picking application by Mech-Mind Robotics.

Our all-in-one solution

There is a simple idea behind the all-in-one concept from Mech-Mind Robotics: the development of a complete solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into any image-controlled automation environment. Independent of robot models and manufacturers.



· Mech-Eye: 3D camera

· Mech-Vision: Graphical mchine vision software

· Mech-Viz: Intelligent robot programming software


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