In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.

Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras Now Fully Compatible with GenlCam 3.0 & GigE Vision 2.1


With the newest update to SDK 2.0, Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras are fully compatible with GenICam 3.0 and GigE Vision 2.1, offering optimized and simplified use of third-party software.

Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras Now Fully Compatible with GenlCam 3.0 & GigE Vision 2.1

 Download Mech-Mind SDK 


Starting from SDK 2.0, Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras are compliant with the machine vision industrial standard GenlCam 3.0. This enables the camera to be controlled by third-party machine vision software that is compliant with the GenlCam/GigE Vision 2, such as HALCON (by MVTec). With the new firmware, you can also directly connect to the camera with third-party software.


Improving the usability of Mech-Eye 3D industrial cameras is always our focus. So with SDK 2.0, the user experience of controlling the cameras with third-party software has been enhanced in several aspects, including network configuration, parameter adjustment, image capturing, and data transmission.

 Download Mech-Mind SDK 




SDK 2.0 Release Highlights 

In addition to the features mentioned above, many new and exciting features are included in the latest SDK.

²  A full pallet simulator tool for efficient camera mounting

²  A new depth range setting tool for visual adjusting

²  A new point cloud display function



Download the update from our website and learn about all the great features.


Providing Increased Flexibility for Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras

Get the update to SDK 2.0 and increase the flexibility of using your Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras. You can now use Mech-Eye 3D cameras with third-party software such as HALCON, Matrox, and Aravis directly or via GenICam.

Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras Now Fully Compatible with GenlCam 3.0 & GigE Vision 2.1

Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras are designed to enable various challenging automation applications, including random bin picking, piece picking, depalletizing, palletizing, assembly, inspection, and many more. If you have further questions about Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras or Mech-Mind's all-in-one robotic solutions, don't hesitate to contact us at:




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