In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.
Factory automation (FA) is the lead of industry 4.0. Just like the electrification of factories in Industry 2.0 and the introduction of robots in Industry 3.0, fully automated processes will be the norm in many industries within a few years.
2022 . 03 . 11
In modern warehouses, AI+3D guided robots are replacing conventional robots due their effectiveness. Challenges like low piece picking rate, sorting and picking have been solved by AI+3D guided robots. The powerful 3D machine vision camera combined with AI algorithm makes it easy to realign the robots with different WMS systems.
2022 . 03 . 10
This article analyses some emerging robotic technologies and their contributions towards smarter manufacturing. It also explains the advantages of smart manufacturing which is particularly interesting for industrial 4.0 players.
2022 . 02 . 09
This article describes how 3D machine vision cameras can be used along other robotic technologies industrial environments. The benefits and specific uses of machine vision are interesting for organizations looking to augment their manufacturing technologies.
2022 . 02 . 09
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