In today’s world of technology, facilities are automating various processes to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Machine tending is one process that has seen a radical change in technology adoption.


  • 2023 - 04 - 11
    Mech-Mind announces that a number of Mech-Mind's flagship 3D cameras have successfully passed a test for Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 40,000 hours.
  • 2022 - 11 - 07
    Like all products in the UR+ ecosystem, Mech-Mind's all-in-one AI + 3D vision solution has been extensively tested for compatibility and integration capabilities with Universal Robots cobots.
  • 2022 - 10 - 12
    In the past decades, fast-paced life has led to the rise of ″fast-moving consumer goods.″ This leaves a leading compound condiment manufacturer under heavy pressure—producing high-quality products at high volume while containing costs. To help this customer optimize manufacturing processes, ABB offered comprehensive automation solutions (depalletizing, palletizing, packaging, warehousing. etc.). During the depalletizing and palletizing processes, Mech-Mind's 3D vision system acted as the robot's eye, working with ABB robots to improve production efficiency.
2022 - 06 - 29
Mech-Mind showcased AI+3D vision solutions for robotic guidance, random bin picking, depalletizing & palletizing, and assembly at automatica 2022, June. 21-24, in Munich, Germany.
2022 - 06 - 22
Visit us in Munich and learn more about our all-in-one 3D vision solutions & our Mech-Eye 3D cameras.
2022 - 06 - 02
Mech-Mind Robotics has announced the official release of Mech-Eye UHP-140, the all-new industrial 3D camera with micron-level accuracy.
2022 - 04 - 12
Mech-Mind's newly upgraded AI+3D robot solutions made their debut at iREX 2022.
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